Important information for our Power Analyzer PRO users

Using the Power Analyzer PRO to control an ESC and operate a motor an error in the measured current can result due to an inadvertent ground connection on the Pro circuit board. This condition will produce a measured current reading that is lower then actual. We recommend disconnecting the ground connection (brown or black wire) from the three pin connector on your ESC to restore the measured current to its correct value. Removing the ground connection is not required on more recent Power Analyzer PROs as this inadvertent ground connection has been corrected so no action is required.

If you use an OptoIsolator (Opto) to connect the Power Analyzer PRO to your ESC then it is not necessary to disconnect the ground wire. In fact, you have to have the ground wire connected for the Opto to work.

To determine if your Power Analyzer PRO requires any action, connect it to your computer and run PowerPROview. In the lower left-hand corner, you will see a readout similar to the one shown below. If your serial number starts with the letters “MR” (S/N MRxxxxxx), as is shown, follow the instructions above to ensure the most accurate operation. If your serial number starts with the letters “MS” (S/N MSxxxxxx) instead, the hardware has already been revised and it is unnecessary to remove the brown or black wire from your ESC connector.

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